Inspiring curiosity & learning

It’s more than learning a language

We are passionate about helping students to succeed in the ‘Asian century’ by learning the Chinese language and culture, and more importantly, to develop curiosity, open-mindedness and a multi-cultural world perspective.

Why ChiFUNese?

We have been providing Mandarin Chinese programs to schools since 2010. With excellent relationships with schools, parents and students, we are now a leading provider of curricular Mandarin programs. We pride ourselves on our high standard of teaching and learning and collaborate with principals and teachers to deliver learning outcomes tailored to their community.

Attract new enrolments.

Having a top-tier Mandarin Chinese program helps schools to attract more enrolments as parents are seeking schools that offer a Mandarin program. We support your marketing efforts.

Suit your timetable.

We offer flexible staffing to suit your school timetable. For example, we could offer two Mandarin teachers to teach simultaneously on the same day.

Empower your students.

Enquire today and help your students succeed tomorrow.

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